Rating and range or kill two birds with one stone!

Many displays. © Plockbuster

Berlin, Germany (PRnow). With PRnow, the customer is king and can kill two familiar birds with a new stone. And that’s good!

Rating …

Do you need better rating on ​​social media, in the world network, for example on Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Yelp and so on?

We take care of it! We offer displays of all kinds, for example small and fine table displays for the hotel and waiting room, for the café, bar and restaurant or even large ones for entire halls.

Organic ranges without complicated SEO measures can be implemented quickly and easily. Success sets in immediately and can be checked anywhere and anytime with a smartphone.

Start the rating turbo on the World Wide Web and regulate the ranking with PRnow and our partners.

and range

Customer loyalty achieved with glue and restraints? That was yesterday. Keep up with the times and the economy. Come with us and beat with us ranking masters your competitors, increasing the number of your contacts from time to time. With us the list that is cherished and well maintained is getting longer and longer.

Do not send old-fashioned newsletters that only clog the e-mail inbox and that hardly any recipients read, but send messages, offers and more directly to the recipients from the constantly growing list on their cell phones. If that’s not smart, then what is?

Text, image, audio and video production

Kill even more birds with one stone. PRnow makes it possible and, if necessary, also writes these messages, which can be illustrated, provided with audios and videos. We take care of this. Full stop.

Any questions?

Please call 03044323401 or 015735152132 or send an email to stefan.pribnow@prnow.agency