About Stefan Pribnow

Stefan Pribnow 2017 in Kiew. © Münzenberg Medien

Berlin, Germany (PRnow). As a teenager, Stefan „Steff“ Pribnow, who was born on a Sunday in the Rössleinanspannmonat in 1967, learnt to type and shorthand on a mechanical and electromechanical typewriter as well as working through piles of files.

In the meantime, he has learnt what you have to do to get others to do it for you. Anyone who knows the story of Tom Sawyer and the garden fence will know what I mean.

His dexterity and powers of persuasion, in combination with his head, the study of life in and outside of colleges and universities, allowed the 67-year-old to flourish in reporting, which was not only published in student newspapers and magazines until Pribnow decided to combine journalism with publishing in 1995 while still a member of the Free University of Berlin. After many years of teaching and travelling, with three training courses, two of them with academic honours, it was time to become worthy of him.

In addition to the political magazine „Kalaschnikow“ and its supplement „Der Querschläger“, a brochure in red cardboard and handy A5 format, readers saw leaflets and pamphlets such as the legendary „November-Flugschrift“, including books for bags.

Even before the legendary Benno Ohnesorg Congress in Berlin in June 1997, Pribnow went online, was present in the new media from the very beginning and was perfect there. Numerous online publications can be traced back to his ideas and concepts.

In spring 2004, Pribnow launched the project of an international, multilingual news and information portal with the fantastic title „Weltexpress“ and the aim of linking newspapers, journals, radio and TV on the one hand and the whole world on the other, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, i.e. to report as quickly as possible on all events of importance in politics, business, culture, science, sport and many other areas of social life and to do so multilingually, if possible in all the important languages of the world.

Stefan Pribnow not only works for WELTEXPRESS, but also for other wonderful titles such as Kulturexpresso, Roads’R’Us, Spatianer, Jüdische Welt, Gastrosofie, MaDeRe – Magazin des Reisens and the Münzenberg Medien publishing house.

And now new: PRnow!