About Klaus-Dieter Richter

Klaus-Dieter Richter © Klaus-Dieter Richter

Berlin, Germany (PRnow). Klaus-Dieter Richter was Vice President of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) Berlin e.V. and delegate to the DEHOGA Federal Association from 2004 to 2018. For a long time, he was also a member of the Tourism Committee of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Due to various activities at home and abroad, he has also been travelling as a journalist for many years and, as a certified chef, is an expert on the subject of tourism and food when travelling. In short, he knows his way around the catering and hotel industry.

Together with his wife Gabriele, he also runs his own catering business, a French gourmet restaurant in Berlin.

Klaus-Dieter Richter works for PRnow as a consultant, particularly for the hotel, Gastronomy and catering industry.